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Biblical Assurance on Life After Death

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Comfort for those suffering


Inner peace for those who grieve

Perspective on God's promised glory

The Coming Glory answers questions such as:

  • What happens right after death?

  • What are the "new heavens and new earth?"

  • What comfort do I have now?


"Having lost my spouse, grief occupied my thoughts. 
I turned to sources of comfort... 
I found answers in The Coming Glory."

Dr. Roger Rice
Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Calvin University
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Reader Comments

  • THE COMING GLORY is a very helpful and inspirational book for believers and unbelievers alike.  For the believer it will be an assurance of the promise and glory of life eternal with Jesus and for those who have not yet made a commitment to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord it will provide a timely opportunity.  Drawing on his extensive background as a pastoral counselor, Dr. Swets skillfully consolidates all Biblical references of the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting for those who are saved by grace through faith in the redeeming work of Jesus.  He further punctuates these references with familiar, heart-warming hymns. This easy-to-read book is informative, comforting, and compellingly conveys the urgency of making this life's most important decision.  It is recommended enthusiastically and without reservation.

      Dr. James Bultman, President Emeritus, Hope College

  • "Every person has his own reason to look for answers. It could be age, illness, injury, or disease of oneself or a loved one, or it could even be a worldwide pandemic. In any case, most people are incentivized at one time or another to look for a work such as The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life After Death by Paul W. Swets." 

      Patricia Reding, 5 star review for Readers’ Favorite

  • "Pertinent for our current times more than ever, the book offers comfort..., addresses common concerns...and explains what the Bible says about heaven.  For Christians both devout and in doubt...The Coming Glory delivers all that it promises and more."  K.C. Finn, 5 star review for Readers' Favorite

  • "Swets understands the struggle of readers to keep the faith when they are dying.  The book gives readers the hope of heaven and diminishes the fear of death....  The author explains the Scriptures in a manner that everyone can understand..."  Mamta Madhaven, 5 star review for Readers' Favorite

  • The Coming Glory is a gentle word for a difficult time. Paul offers an honest, truthful and hopeful journey for any facing the reality of death. It will honor your journey. It will awaken you to a future hard to imagine. It will prayerfully hold your hand as you walk through the valley.  Frankly, I couldn't stop reading The Coming Glory.  I was moved by the truth, I was moved by Paul's honesty, I was moved by his courage. I was moved to tears by this last paragraph: 'The time for my departure is getting closer day by day.  Although I deeply love this life, I can hardly wait for the coming glory.'" Rev. Dr. Jon BrownSenior Pastor, Pillar Church


  • “GLORIOUS!!  I have just finished reading The Coming Glory and I have tears in my eyes, thinking of the people who will be comforted and encouraged through the last stage of their earthly journey, and their loved ones too. So much to love about this book—it is saturated in scripture, Paul’s pastor's heart shines through every word, it is theologically rich, and the whole gospel is here.  The way the author weaves in the great hymns and confessions of the faith is beautiful.”  Rev. Dr. Suzanne McDonaldAssociate Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology       Western Theological Seminary

  • "In The Coming Glory, Paul Swets gives an elegant and yet direct account of Christian hope for the dying. Utilizing his wisdom from years of pastoral work, Swets offers a compelling taste of Christian hope that is accessible to a very broad audience."  

         Dr. J. Todd Billings, Gordon H. Girod Research Professor of Reformed Theology, Western Theological Seminary,

         Author of Rejoicing in Lament: Wrestling with Incurable Cancer and Life in Christ

  • When I was a pastor, I would have been delighted to have these concise, well-crafted treatments of key eschatological themes.  I would have valued especially a book like this to put in the hands of lay people facing death, along with their caring families.  We meet a warm pastoral tone throughout the book.  Readers will sense that they are hearing from a man with long experience and a caring heart.”                                                       Rev. Dr. William C. Brownson, President Emeritus, Words of Hope


  • The Coming Glory is the best biblical explanation of life after death that I have ever read.  Outstanding book.”

        Ev Beemer, Retired Businessman

  • “So encouraging!  I couldn’t put it down.  The Coming Glory would be a wonderful book for a small group book study.  I like the large print.  I was comforted by the appropriately placed Scripture and hymns.  The author has offered answers to seekers and those looking toward eternity.”  Marty Greendonner, Retired Teacher

  • "Having lost my spouse, I turned to sources of comfort and assurance. Grief and uncertainty occupied my thoughts. I found answers in The Coming Glory. Death brings loss and is certain. But this book offers life and hope that we survivors all need for continuing our lives on earth. I thank God that Paul Swets wrote this book.  I recommend it to everyone, especially those who find themselves perplexed by the same questions I faced."                                  Dr. Rodger Rice, Retired Professor of Sociology, Calvin College

  • "The abundance of scripture is the most valuable part of The Coming Glory.  By bringing together quotes from throughout the New Testament on various topics, this  book is able to give a a fuller sense of the Bible's perspective on some big questions and answers. The use of many short quotes followed by commentary was effective at bringing out the meaning."  Rev. Nicholas Monco, OP Diocese of Grand Rapids   

  • ​​The Coming Glory beautifully presents the end of our earthly lives in terms of a natural departure, leaving one place to go to another. Through an instructive lineup of Bible verses, Paul Swets shows how to find comfort for the journey and how you can know for certain that the astounding good news of heaven is for you!”                       Carla Sinnema​, Teacher

  • "Tremendously inspiring!  The Coming Glory is full of words that speak to the mind, heart, and soul with confidence and assurance as we face death.  It would be an immensely helpful tool for ministers to give to parishioners facing life-and-death situations.”  Rev. Dr. John W. Tien, Retired Pastor

  • “The Coming Glory feeds its readers actual bread, rather than merely the stone of human opinion.  The author's own constant reliance on Scripture gives readers like me confidence that they can depend on the promises and hope described in this book.  Swets points readers to the gospel and to the person at the heart of it—Jesus.  He shows why the gospel is the natural response to many of the fears and challenges people may have about departing this life.” 

        Rev. Dr. Han-luen Kantzer Komline, Assistant Professor of Church History and Theology,

        Western Theological Seminary

  • "Our small group discussion of The Coming Glory went very, very well. Two teenagers even came up from the basement rec room to join us. That's a first. I asked both of them if even at their young age, they sometimes think about death and dying. They both responded easily, especially the younger of the two. The discussion went so well that we went beyond our time limit by one hour. Can you imagine?"

        Dick Stravers, Retired Pastor

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