A Brief History

As a minister of pastoral care, I have had the immense privilege of counseling hundreds of families when their loved ones were near death.  I also became aware of the depths of grief that families experience, and their questions about life after death.  My study and experience with impending death led to a fascinating review of Scripture on that topic and the writing of The Coming Glory: Hope Now for 

Life After Death.  

I met Janiece at an Inter Varsity conference in Urbanna Illinois.  Although

Janiece grew up in one farmhouse, my sisters and I lived in a number of

places because of my father's service in the Navy.  In spite of our different

backgrounds, Janiece and I soon discovered we were soul mates.  We

married after Janiece's graduation from Hope College in Holland Michigan. 

My life-long passion to make a positive difference in peoples' lives began

with some serious study.  My major in college, Psychology, helped me 

understand individual behavior more fully.  I mastered in American Culture to study how our environment shapes personal thought.  My study in Theology enabled me to understand better a person’s relationship to God.  I earned a doctorate in effective communication at the University of Michigan to determine how we can

better relate to one another.

Janiece and I care about you.  We would love to hear from you (paul@thecomingglory.com) and keep you informed of the latest updates on our newest book, The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life After Death.  

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