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Basketball Adventure

Delightful for Junior Highers and their parents and coaches!
Snowden Junior High loved its basketball team, the Polar Bears.  But the team had very few wins, low morale, and defeatist attitudes.
Then, just before tryouts began for the new year, a motley looking group showed up at the coach's office.  They called themselves the "FAB FIVE" after the famous University of Michigan Fab Five team.
Basketball Adventures tells the fun and motivational story of how five wannabe basketball players learned how to overcome prejudice and low self-confidence to became the heroes of Snowden Junior High.
Available now as an eBook or paperback at Amazon.
"Cheer Leaders" Respond
Derrick Obiri-Yeboah, Basketball Enthusiast

"I just finished reading the basketball adventures and I loved every bit of it.  Pure fun and inspirational.  Paul Swets provides a "novel" way of coexisting as people with a common goal regardless of our skin color. 

"The story was relatable and the tone was appropriate, I could envision myself as any of the fab five basketball players as Swets puts an actual voice to them.

"The greatest feat about the story is that at about the sixth chapter, the reader loses track of who's black and who's white.  The story becomes just about a group of young guys bound together by a common goal which is what was most powerful to me. It wasn't about their differences, it was about their shared goals and passions which is what I believe America needs to cultivate right now."  

Carla Sinnema, Junior High Teacher

"This is hilarious! Can you hear us laughing out loud all the way from Germany?" 

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