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A Brief History


I met Janiece at a conference in Urbanna Illinois.  Although Janiece grew up in one farmhouse, my sisters and I lived in a number of places because of my father's service in the Navy.  In spite of our different backgrounds, Janiece and I soon discovered we were soul mates.  We married after Janiece's graduation from Hope College in Holland Michigan. 


Our two children, Jud and Jessica, are both married with children.  We naturally believe our grandchildren are









My life-long passion to make a positive difference in peoples' lives began with some serious study.  My major in college, Psychology, helped me understand individual behavior more fully.  I mastered in American Culture to study how our environment shapes personal thought.  My study in Theology enabled me to understand better a person’s relationship to God.  I earned a doctorate in effective communication at the University of Michigan to determine how we can better relate to one another.


Growing up in a large family with five sisters, I learned how important effective communication was in producing harmony.  Through counseling others and through my research, I learned that understanding, though difficult, was possible and that when achieved, life could be experienced more joyfully.


Janiece is an expert in caring communication.  She works with me in discovering

how to bring out the best in people.  Together we wrote a five week workshop

manual, Closeness Through Communication.  Janiece and I remain best friends

through 40 plus years of marriage.


Wanting to share good news with as many people as possible, I entered the 

ministry.  With my wife and family, I served churches in Ann Arbor Michigan, 

WestPalm Beach Florida, and Memphis Tennessee.


Now Janiece and I celebrate everyday life in Holland Michigan with a great community of friends. 












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