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The Coming Glory by Paul W. Swets was released by CrossLink Publishing June 18!

It can be ordered from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and CrossLink Publishing.

“GLORIOUS!!  I have just finished reading The Coming Glory and I have tears in my eyes, thinking of the people who wil...

Paul W. Swets | May 2019

Excerpt from The Coming Glory

CrossLink Publishing, June 18, 2019

When the Apostle Paul was preparing for his departure from this life, he said “I have kept the faith.”  Seriously?

Consider this: How much faith, if any, would you have under th...


"I have fought the good fight."

St. Paul

2 Timothy 4:7

An excerpt from The Coming Glory: Hope Now for Life After Death

Saint Paul draws the image of fighting from his love of sports.  In several other places, he uses metaphors from the Olympic games: fighting, running, tra...


"I have finished the race."

St. Paul

2 Timothy  4:7

An excerpt from The Coming Glory 

Finishing is not always picture perfect.  We fall short at times. Our calling in life is not about how we get to the finish line.  It's that we finish well.

Think about the times you...

This post is the first in a series of excerpts from THE COMING GLORY: Hope Now for Life After Death.

"The time for my departure has come."

Apostle Paul

2 Timothy 4:6

Departure is a gentle way of saying the Apostle Paul knows he’s about to die. 

You or a family mem...

Janiece and I greet you, dear friends, with a happy announcement.  Crosslink Publishing will release my newest book on June 18, 2019.  THE COMING GLORY: Hope Now for Life After Death provides biblical answers to common questions about death and life after.

I would...

In The Denial of Death, cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker called death "a mainspring of human activity."  If you want to achieve something, it's best to get started.  Time is running out.

Maybe that's why we call time targets deadlines.  They work for me.  You...

 Billy Graham's extraordinary life has been well documented, but what about his dog?

After watching an exciting documentary on Dr. Graham, I had a dream that I was his dog. 

In my dream, I was a frolicking Golden Retriever when Mr. Billy bought me years ago.  But now my...

As the Bible describes death for the believer, today Billy Graham went to be "at home with the Lord."

To me Dr. Graham represents a lifetime of commitment to Christ resulting in integrity, humility, boldness, and amazing world-wide influence.

As a teenager, I went to Mad...

In the late 1960s, Science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury, was asked to give a commencement address to graduating seniors at an Ivy League university.  

The students, were not eager to step out into the "real world."  It was one of the worst of times--the Vietna...

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The Coming Glory has Launched!

June 18, 2019

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