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Help family members and friends raise the level of their happiness. 

Basketball Adventures

No Sweat Publishing, January 2017

Published as an eBook and paperback on Amazon, this fun short story tells how five unlikely basketball prospects become the "Fab Five" heroes of Snowden Junior High.  

"I want this for my grandchildren"

A Fun-loving Grandmother

Finding Happiness

​Crosslink Publishers


Can we increase the times we laugh and bring delight to others? 


Even in the face of very real life crises, this book looks at what we can do.  It provides the encouragement and the tools we need for  strengthening friendships, enabling connection with friends and family, discovering our purpose in life, and facing each day with uplifting hope. 


                                "...this book is exceptional!" 

                             Harrison C. Visscher, MD

The Art of Talking With Your Teenager

Amazon Kindle Direct 2016, 3rd Edition, First published by Word and Adams Media


                         “I gained enormously from this book.”

                                            Stephen R. Covey,


Based on a survey of 800 teenagers, this paperback gives you encouragement that you can solve communication problems.  It provides easy solutions that guide parents with teens and pre-teens through the relational challenges of adolescence.  


The Art of Talking So That People Listen

Simon & Schuster, 1992 

With over 130,000 copies sold in the USA and published in Korea, India, and Turkey, this book is becoming a classic in developing person-to-person effective communication.

"The Art of Talking So That People Will Listen

is a masterpiece...."

Norman Vincent Peale

Dreaming BIG

Authentic Press 2007, Bobb Biehl & Paul W. Swets


                      “Dreaming BIG can help lift individuals

                      and organizations out of  mediocrity.”

                                                   Rich DeVos


Paul Swets and Bobb Biehl guide readers to consider their own passions, strengths, goals, and values in formulating a Life Dream that can energize them throughout life.



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