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You Can Flourish!
Finding Happiness encourages you to anchor your life on the solid rock that results not only in a greater sense of well-being, but even joy.  
By making slight adjustments in our thinking habits, we can relate to people in a new way.  We will be able to build stable relationships even in turbulent times

“filled with wisdom, wit and great take-aways"

--Jim Carlson, author of

Choosing to be Fully Alive


Available as paperback, eBook, or audio book
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 "Read Finding Happiness.  It's transformational!” 

 --C. Kemmons Wilson, Jr.,  Founding Family of Holiday Inns



“I think this book is exceptional!"  

--Harrison C. Visscher, M.D.





Finding Happiness: Building Stable Relationships in Turbulent Times by Paul W. Swets is definitely a must-read for all those who want to create good experiences in their lives. It's a great read and has excellent tips to make one a better communicator, and also a better and happier human being.  Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite


Finding Happiness is a gold-mine of coaching strategies for enjoying an abundant life.  As a recent college graduate, I find the principles spot on and immediately accessible by my generation.  This book fills the gap in our culture by showing the way to enduring happiness.”

--Sa’eed Hussaini, Research Intern at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

"A brilliantly sequenced menu of solutions for every person's core need to be happy now, and joyous forever!  Paul clearly identifies the inherent resources every person already has to love, to submit to God, and to celabrate life as it is meant to be!  Destined to be a classic - thanks Paul. "

--Kyle Rote, Jr., inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame


Finding Happiness offers helpful insight for living a happy life. With a clear intelligence and gentle tone, Paul Swets mentors us about how to connect with those around us, how to develop a life of depth and purpose, and how to live today without fear of tomorrow.  His skill and compassion shine through every page of this profound little book.” 

--Alex Mouw, Lilly Graduate Fellow


"Finding Happiness offers a powerfully written set of tools that spark action. It encourages, challenges, and ultimately inspires us to make the necessary changes in our lives to allow true happiness to endure. Paul Swets teaches us that life is worth celebrating! So why not start today by connecting, relating, mentoring, and choosing to persevere with Hope. I know Finding Happiness will impact the lives of many!"

--Jenna Grasmeyer, 2014 NCAA Division III Volleyball Championship’s Most Outstanding Player


"Paul Swets deals with those critical areas of relationship where, if happiness does not prevail, life is miserable.  I can't think of a person that doesn't need this guidance, and I commend it heartily."

--Maxie Dunnam, President Emeritus of Asbury Theological Seminary

Finding Happiness brings together not only the necessary practices to initiate and develop lasting friendship, but a reason to even develop these friendships in the first place.  The effort laid out here for friendship and happiness is beautiful.” 

--Jeff Miller, Engineer


Finding Happiness is fantastic!  It should be another winner.  Paul has a unique insight of how we can experience joy and purpose.  And like a good head coach, he gives us the tools to accomplish this.

--C. Kemmons Wilson, Jr.,  Founding Family of Holiday Inns


Finding Happiness is filled with wisdom, wit and great take-away ideas to strengthen each of our relationships. Both my wife and I kept saying, ‘This is a great book!’” 

--Jim Carlson, author of Choosing to be Fully Alive


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