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Barnes & Noble Book Signing, Southland SC, Kalamazoo MI
Memphis Booksellers, Memphis TN
Barnes & Noble Book Signing, Lakeshore Marketplace, Muskegon MI
Barnes & Noble Book Signing, Rivertown Mall, Grandville MI
Barnes & Noble Book Signing, Woodland Mall, Grand Rapids MI
WGVU Radio Interview, Grand Rapids MI
Barnes & Noble Book Signing, Holland MI
Reader's World Book Signing, Holland MI
WHTC Radio Interview, Holland MI
National Press Release
Holland Sentinel Feature Article, Holland MI


Are You as Happy as You Could Be? 


Have you had a hard day?  Maybe you've had a beef with somebody.  


If you want a reason to get up and go, Finding Happiness might be just what you need. 


So, would you like to get more out of life?  To get it, click here. 


This is going to be BIG!


Do you feel overshadowed by the big guys?  Nobody seems to listen or care.  It's hard to be happy when all you see is dust. 


Finding Happiness lets you discover what you can become.  It gives you the big view on your future...and that could make all the difference. 


How BIG do you want to see?  To order your book, or get more information, click here.


I Can See You!


Do you want people to notice you?  Add color to someone's life?  Become one who is fun to be with?


Finding Happiness can cause you and your friends to leap for joy. 


Ready to jump in?  For more information or to order, click here.

Do You Attract Friends?

You've tried to be nice to people, but you keep getting shoved away.   You're beginning to think it's "dog eat dog" out there.


Finding Happiness gives you another way to look at life that could save you a lot of grief.


Would you like to scare less people?  Smile more often?  For more information or to order, click here. 

Are You Finding Happiness?

Do you wish you had fun relationships?  Good friends?  A meaningful purpose? Hopeful future?  


Almost everyone wants to be happy--to laugh, to have friends who care, to face tomorrow without anxiety.


Come join the circle!  Get your tools for enjoying life and sharing it with others.  Click here.

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