Celebrate Hope

Rejoice in hope! -St. Paul

Life can be overwhelming. We can be worn down by anxiety about what might happen, frustration about goals not met, and the constant demands of life.

Hope reverses that trend by enabling us to look forward to a brighter future, in spite of our circumstances. Hope is an anchor for the soul.

In the next few blogs, we look at what psychologists call the "psyche" or theologians call the "soul." Who we are on the inside can be changed by the way we think about ourselves and the future. St. Paul says, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Renewing our minds enables us to see the really big picture--where history is headed and the destination of our own lives. That's why Paul is able to say, "Rejoice in hope!"

Although hope is an emotion deep within, it anchors the soul and shows in our relationships. We are more relaxed, more confident, more able to see beyond the flaws in our friends and ourselves.

Hope provides a foundation for joy now. Experiencing hope is a happiness worth celebrating!

God Bless,

Paul W. Swets