Discovering a New Identity

"If anyone is a believer in Christ, that person has a brand new identity."

Apostle Paul

If God wants to be in a personal relationship with you, do you want to resist?

Think for a moment about times when you were selected for something. Is there not happiness in being "wanted," in being chosen because you are valued as a person? Imagine yourself chosen by the Creator of the universe, not because of what you can do or have done, but simply because God has chosen you.

I find there is immense joy in being chosen or valued by God. It's a happiness rooted in being free from anything that separates and diminishes. It's delight in a relationship with God. It's satisfaction in pursuing a worthwhile life task. All this personal freedom is available to anyone through faith in Christ.

Apostle Paul claims that anyone who follows Christ has a new identity. Christ is at the center. You become a "new person."

NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, voted "Sportsman of the Year" by Sports Illustrated in 2013, described how he came to faith.

"My faith has been number one since I was thirteen years old and

heard from the pulpit on a Sunday morning in New Orleans a simple

question: "If you died today, are you one hundred percent sure you'd