How Happy Are You?

Your answers to the two following questions will help form focus on answers most helpful to you from the the Finding Happiness Blog.

First Question:

What number best describes your happiness experience?

1. Not happy at all.

2. Somewhat unhappy.

3. Average

4. Somewhat happy.

5. Very happy.

My number is _______.

Second Question:

What makes you most unhappy? Please check all that apply to you.

1. __ When my friends or family do not listen to me.

2. __When I lose connection with people.

3. __When people ignore what I say.

4. __ When I am confused.

5. __ When my friends seem to not care.

6. __ When I don't like the person I am.

7. __ When I lose hope.

8. __ When I'm afraid about the future.

9. __ When I feel alone.

10.__ When I face an unresolved conflict.

The situations that make me most unhappy are numbered _____________________.

You may send your numbers to me at .

All the best to you today!


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