Parent of Teens & Pre-Teens: How Do You Manage Wild?

When you parent


When I asked a girl I was interviewing about communication in her home, she replied:

"When my parents and I get mad

at each other, there is yelling, slapping, and

going wild."

Relationships with our teens can be wild...or beautiful. Sometimes, both.

A major factor leading to beautiful relationships is skillful communication. My research in communication at the University of Michigan helped me realize that the difference between wild or beautiful relationships is often slight adjustments in the way we think, talk, and listen.

We are pleased to announce a limited time offer on the newly published third edition of The Art of Talking With Your Teenager!

From Monday, July 24 to Friday, July 28, Amazon will offer a free digital copy of The Art of Talking With Your Teenager!

On July 24, I will send you a link to secure your free copy.

Feel free to share this opportunity with your friends.

All the best to you.

Paul W. Swets

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