How Do You Parent Adolescents?

Easy, right? All we need is the ability to get through to our teenagers.

Not so fast. We've been talking and listening from birth, so we've got the basics. And when our kids are young, our skills work pretty well.

But then puberty begins.

In addition to our skills, art is required--knowing when and how to talk and listen.

During lunch with an attorney friend, he lowered his voice and said,

"I DON'T GET IT! I try to do everything right as a parent, but when I tell my son anything,

his eyes glaze over or he gets angry and shuts me out. I just can't get through to him."

When my children became adolescents, I wanted to make sure that our relationships could weather the storms that were sure to come. I wanted understanding to deepen. I hoped for mutual respect.

My doctoral research in communication gave me clues about getting through to our teenagers. I decided to put on paper the slight adjustments needed for good communication with them.

The Art of Talking With Your Teenager proved to be helpful. After the first edition was published by Word, Stephen R. Covey wrote to me: "I gained enormously from this book." Now in its third edition, The Art of Talking With Your Teenager is available briefly as a free digital download.

Click on the cover below to go to the FREE digital download page.

May you also gain enormously from this book and enjoy even the teenage years with understanding and respect.

Paul W. Swets

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