Billy Graham's Dog

Billy Graham's extraordinary life has been well documented, but what about his dog?

After watching an exciting documentary on Dr. Graham, I had a dream that I was his dog.

In my dream, I was a frolicking Golden Retriever when Mr. Billy bought me years ago. But now my hair had turned white, like Mr. Billy's hair. We had grown old together. Neither of us could move very well. Even slow walking hurt.

When I was in another part of the house, I kept watching Mr. Billy for a signal. He would rest his arms on the armrests of the chair, but whenever he put his left hand out to the side, that was my delight. I would amble down the hallway fast as I could until I was right under his hand. Then, tender affection. Mr. Billy was my best friend.

Then the unthinkable happened. My best friend was gone. My heart feels broke.

The family made arrangements for a horse drawn hearse. Somehow I made it clear to the family that I wanted to sit up front with the driver to pay my respect. It was the most I could do. The family finally agreed with me on one condition--NO BARKING! That was okay with me. I didn't feel like barking.

But I could growl at death. Death seemed to win the victory. Though Mr. Billy would read the Bible to me about the Christian's grand hope of life after death, I didn't understand much. I'm just a dog. What do I know about the coming glory.

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