Make Peace With Dying?

In The Denial of Death, cultural anthropologist Ernest Becker called death "a mainspring of human activity." If you want to achieve something, it's best to get started. Time is running out.

Maybe that's why we call time targets deadlines. They work for me. You too?

Many people subconsciously apply deadlines at the end of their lives. They ask, "Do I have my house in order? Am I ready for the inevitable?"

Perhaps you have specific questions about your readiness for death. I encourage you to ask them and search for adequate answers. Whether you are young or old, the clock is ticking. Will you approach the deadline with horror or peace?

On April 2, I will announce a resource that will help you ask the right questions and find valid answers. It's my hope that the questions and answers will enable you to experience deep peace.

Paul W. Swets

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