True Hope Now

What is our hope in the face of impending death?  What can we expect will happen after death?  What does the Scripture teach us?

As a Minister of Pastoral Care, I have had the privilege of caring for hundreds of families walking through the "valley of the shadow of death".

The Coming Glory provides a sneak preview of what followers of Christ can look forward to.


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Reader Comments


"The Coming Glory is a gentle word for a difficult time. Paul offers an honest, truthful and hopeful journey for any facing the reality of death. It will honor your journey. It will awaken you to a future hard to imagine. It will prayerfully hold your hand as you walk through the valley.  Frankly, I couldn't stop reading The Coming Glory.  I was moved by the truth, I was moved by Paul's honesty, I was moved by his courage. I was moved to tears by this last paragraph: 'The time for my departure is getting closer day by day.  Although I deeply love this life, I can hardly wait for the coming glory.'"  

  • Rev. Jon Brown, Senior Pastor at Pillar Church, Holland Michigan

“GLORIOUS!!  I have just finished reading The Coming Glory and I have tears in my eyes, thinking of the people who will be comforted and encouraged through the last stage of their earthly journey, and their loved ones too. So much to love about this book—it is saturated in scripture, Paul’s pastor's heart shines through every word, it is theologically rich, and the whole gospel is here.  The way the author weaves in the great hymns and confessions of the faith is beautiful.”

  • Rev. Dr. Suzanne McDonald, Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology, Western Theological Seminary, Holland Michigan

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